French Kiss

French Kiss

Kissing truly is an art. Apparently, so is photographing a great kiss.

The smooching couple in this picture weren't captured in a capricious moment, but posed for the photo, taken in 1950 by Robert Doisneau.

Widely reproduced since 1986, this photo's official name is “The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville” and is considered one of the most romantic ever taken.

Unfortunately the kiss doesn't have a happy ending. In 1993, the actress who posed for it–Françoise Bornet–sued Doisneau for $18,000 as well as a share of the royalty.  During the trial, Doisneau admitted that–mon dieu!— the shot had been posed.

The case was dismissed with the court declaring that the rights remained with Doisneau’s agency.

Ms. Bornet got some remittance when she sold her original print of the photograph, at auction, for $242,000.

Doisneau died in 1994.

Just in time for Valentine's Day,

— Josie


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