10 very broad hints that Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing the wrong hat…


Ya gotta love Sarah Jessica Parker. Not only is she the consumate fashionista, she is also too often a much better actress than the roles she chooses.

Case in point: State and Main

All the more reason to wince at her latest choice in le chapeau, which she wore while wow'ing crowds down under.

Not that I'm any style maven. In fact, I've made a few fashion missteps myself. (Full disclosure: I've been known to wear shoes from different pairs. That's what happens when all your shoes are black flats.)

That said, I would counsel Ms. Parker thusly:

Dear Ms. Parker,

(Can I call you Sarah Jessica? How about SJ? …oh, never mind! How 'bout I just call you a cab?)

You know you're wearing the wrong hat when:

1. You can be mistaken for the Wicked Witch of the West.

2. You've been invited to tea by Johnny Depp — and he's dressed as the Mad Hatter.

3. Your neck starts to hurt because of it.

4. Walls jump up out of nowhere, and smack you on the nose.

5. People on the street yell out: "Gaga! Can I have your autograph?"

6. Bees mistake it for their hive.

7. Even the posh crush attending Aston is giggling and pointing.

8. It is drawing more attention to you than your latest film.

9. Your kids won't hug you because they are scared of you.

10. Your doorman gently reminds you that Halloween is over.

(c) 2011 Josie Brown. All Rights Reserved

Just sayin',

— Josie

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TV Show FRIENDS as a movie: Maybe the best way to see Jennifer Aniston on the BIg Screen


Gunther from FRIENDS is spilling the beans (and I don't mean unground Jamaican coffee):

There is a FRIENDS movie in the works.


According to the LA TImes "The Dish Rag" column (see below), it may be in theaters Summer 2011. FRIENDS producer Marta Kauffman is stealing a page from the SEX AND THE CITY handbook, and taking their beloved characters to the big screen.

Frankly, I'm happy about this. Every now and again I catch FRIENDS reruns, and they still make me smile, and often laugh out loud.

The biggest issue they have, which was not faced by the SATC gang, is
whether sitcom (as opposed to dramady) characters can be given the depth needed on the big

I'm guessing it can: that is, IF the script is GOOD.

Every one of that gang was better than his or her material — and I
can easily see how such empathetic characters, given the history they
have with their audience, can do well in an extended format of 110
minutes or less.

As always, it's all in the writing,



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September 2010

LA Times / The Dish Rag / September 28, 2009

Is there a 'Friends' film in the works? And are all the show's stars on board?


Will there be a movie version of "Friends"?

be. A former "Friends" cast mate has reportedly spilled the beans that
a film version of NBC's hit TV series is in the works.

There's been no official confirmation (or denial) yet. 

after the success of "Sex and the City: The Movie" — now shooting the
second installment — and the excitement about the "Seinfeld" reunion
on "Curb Your Enthusiasm," this makes sense now.

James Michael Tyler told Britain’s News
of the World
newspaper, “I still keep in touch with a lot of the cast and
they say that they are really keen. I am definitely on board to do the film."

economy is still in the tank and several "Friends" stars' film careers
never got off the ground — with the exception of Jennifer Aniston —
so it's possible that the cast may be open to it now.

Remember, movie production is tight in Hollywood right now. This could be their only film for a few years.

Find out what could have happened to our favorite friends.

Here's a look at what the friends have been doing:

David Schwimmer has done a
bit of London theater after his small role in "Band of Brothers." He
also directed the 2007 British film "Run Fat Boy
Run." Who knew?

For the most part, Jennifer Aniston's films have been commercial successes. She's doing better than her pals.  

No one dug Courteney Cox's now-canceled
"Dirt." She's trying again with "Cougar Town" on TV and should be in
"Scream 4," so she knows the value of a redux.

Lisa Kudrow's film career is smaller and more indie, but she's still kicking, having played a mom in Summit Entertainment's "Bandslam."

Matt LeBlanc had that flop TV comedy "Joey." Has he done anything else? He's gotta be about ready for "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here."

Matthew Perry starred in
Aaron Sorkin's critically hailed "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." But
it was canceled after one season. Last time we saw him, he was really
good as older Zac Efron in "17 Again." For about five minutes.

What do you think should happen in "Friends: The Movie?"

Should Ross and Rachel get/stay together? 

Will Phoebe announce she's a lesbian and become a street person living in Venice? 

Will Joey develop early onset Alzheimer's? Hey, someone has to have a disease or where are the sad scenes?

Will Chandler and Monica's perfect kids rob houses in their upscale hood for crack money and get sent to juvenile prison?

We'd like to see Monica struggle with losing baby weight and end up looking as heavy as she did in high school. 

Your suggestions? 

Photo credit: Getty Images


Posted by Elizabeth Snead on September 28, 2009

Mr. Big as The DILF

504x_BAZAARMILLATWO As you know, I'm into DILFs in a big way these days (Blatant Self Promotion: My book, The DILF, hits bookstores Summer 2010). Obviously I've caught the zeitgeist (or, I guess, the economy has caught up with my plottin' and schemin'), because DILFs seem to be the new black.

Case in point: BAZAAR lives up to its name by downsizing SEX AND THE CITY's Mr. Big (Chris Noth) into a stay-at-home dad. He makes a cute DILF, doesn't he?

And needless to say, Milla Jovovich makes a stunning alpha wife. That straight fuchsia skirt is fetching, isn't it? Reminds me of my fave designer jacket of that same color, a wardrobe staple (worn with either a solid black or white skirt) when life required that I suit up.

Dems weren't the daze,


PS: Thanks, Poppy, for the link…