The Baby Planner

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In a world where zygotes need preschool applications and the wrong stroller can label you an unfit mother, pregnant professionals turn to Katie Johnson, San Francisco's most prestigious baby planner, long before their baby bumps become obvious under their Armani suits.

But setting up her clients with the latest must-have baby gadgets, top-notch doulas, and most desirable playgroups is just the start. For the anxious mommies who have her on speed dial, Katie is also therapist, referee, and best friend all in one.

Secretly, however, Katie longs for a baby of her own. Her husband, Alex, refuses to do more than what he calls keeping an open mind, but when he gives her reason to doubt he means even that, Katie throws herself into helping her most clueless client of all. Seth Harris is raising his newborn daughter solo.

While Katie helps him navigate this difficult journey, she learns ones very important lesson about family:  How we nurture is the true nature of love.


Brown takes baby mania to its illogical, hysterical extreme in this bubbly romp. But what begins as a light foray into Bugaboo country turns into something bigger than a satire of status-obsessed Bay Area yummy mummies as Brown takes a dark look at the fears of parenthood and family, with Katie's heartbreaking longing for a child unveiling a disturbing reality about her marriage and family. Still, the message from the somber realities is one full of hope: love makes a family, commitment keeps it together.”
Publishers Weekly

We love Josie Brown. Plain and simple. We first fell for her when we read the impossibly delicious Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives, and now we’re falling all over again after consuming her latest fun, funny, and completely satisfying novel, The Baby Planner.” —Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke, co-authors, The Good Widow, and The Year We Turned Forty

A funny, engaging, and often bittersweet tale.” —Cincinnati Public Library Spotlight Feature

If you’re looking for a fun and thought-provoking summer read, Josie Brown’s The Baby Planner is the one to pack in your beach bag.” —

“Fun with a bittersweet twist, The Baby Planner will have you putting the kids to bed early so you can put your feet up and dive into this delicious read.” —

…The other thing I loved about The Baby Planner was the how realistic the characters seemed, the humor value and the way Ms. Brown was able to get the reader to connect to and sympathize with Katie. Ms. Brown never uses exaggeration to get her point across. Her characters thrive on their own and take on various personalities, based on their role in the story. They always give off a familiar feel that makes me think they're standing right in front of me. Katie is down to earth, but also going through the longing for children that many women can relate to. And even if they can't, she's still someone you want to hug, laugh with and cry with, all at the same time.” —Melissa Amster, Chick Lit Central

I could not put this book down. If you like Sophie Kinsella, Sarah Pekkenan or Melissa Senate, you will love Josie Brown's writing.” —Mary Jacob,

One of Brown's biggest strengths as a writer is that her characters are so very real – from their flaws to their crowning glories, they are authentic, with easily relatable emotions and paths in life that you can see your friends or yourself taking. I found myself reading well into the wee hours.” —Write Here, Write Now

Exceptional chick lit. It was simply fun read. And although it’s mostly light-hearted, there were some serious issues and struggles that most women go through.” —LitFest Magazine

Somehow the book manages to be a laugh out loud, tear jerking suspense novel all wrapped into one.” —Stiletto Storytime 

The Baby Planner is a wonderful novel for anyone who enjoys a great pregnancy story, or several. Taking the concept of a wedding planning and twisting it for prenatal crowd works well and leads to funny and emotional scenes. Laughter and tears come easily and often. You may not always agree with Katie's decisions, but you'll care about her from the very first pages.The Baby Planner is the perfect next step for chick lit fans leaving singledom and entering babyville.” —Reading with Tequila

Throughout the novel, her voice is so real, and her struggles to deal with not having a child are very realistic.  The story is funny, involving, and heartwarming all wrapped up in one. I honestly can’t even begin to describe everything I loved about this book —Cat's Thoughts Book Reviews

The Baby Planner is a perfect weekend indulgence. The book is filled with juicy moments that read almost like a gossip magazine, but is balanced by its real depth of the ups and downs of all of life’s relationships.” —

A fun, engaging read – and a book to share with friends.” —Starting Fresh Book Reviews

When I started reading this book I was sure I knew the ending but I was so so wrong. I read it in one day and I loved every page.” — Chick Lit Club

Author Josie Brown has the reader cheering for Katie…Her diverse array of pregnant clients and their quirks make this book a comical and entertaining read, especially as the book progresses and the clients’ predicaments become tangled. The Baby Planner is a fun, light read that has all the elements of a good chick lit book, but with a unique concept that is intriguing and fresh.” —

I started the book Wednesday morning and finished it at 2:30AM Thursday morning. Needless to say, I couldn't put it down, and got nothing done that day. The story took several unexpected turns and kept me engrossed.”—Library Pat

Her adventures with her clients are sometimes sad, but often fun.  The ending is perfect as well. Definitely recommended as a fun, entertaining summer/beach-time read.” —Knitting and Sundries