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““I love a good mommy sendup as much as the next gal, and this peek into the ridiculousness of the San Francisco upper crust is delightful. Brown's tale is as charming as it is cringe-worthy. I laughed, I winced, I kept scrolling.” —Romantic Times

“With affairs, pending divorces, secret jobs, and unsavory pasts, each wannabe member hides something that could blow her chances for good. Laugh-out-loud funny and sometimes touching, the Totlandia novels serve as the perfect quick read for busy moms or anyone looking to escape with some gossipy fun.” —

“Josie Brown writes Totlandia with her usual storytelling flair. The dialogue is smooth and flowing. The characters are easy to side with or become angry with. The scenery is easy to visualize. And we mustn't forget all the sex (blushworthy, at that) and scandal that is a staple of a true Josie Brown novel. It's like a soap opera for mommies. Guilty pleasure, anyone?” —Melissa Amster,

“This book is wonderfully written and has more than just drama. There are touching moments, parts that made me laugh out loud, I felt like I was reading a television show!” —Divine Secrets of a Domestic Goddess